Oasis Irrigation Products

Oasis Irrigation installs only the highest quality parts and equipment. When we install new systems we use Rainbird. Water is what keeps the world alive and as the world's largest manufacturer of irrigation products, Rainbird believes it is their responsibility to develop technologies that use water wisely. The need to conserve water has never been greater, and Rainbird wants to do even more. That committment to quality and the environment is why Oasis Irrigation has chosen Rainbird as our brand of choice. For more information about The Intelligent Use of Water, visit their website www.rainbird.com.

We have enjoyed a ten year relationship with our supplier, Atlantic Irrigation, who can provide us with any of the necessary parts to fit the customer's wishes or the task at hand. Atlantic supplies all major brands of irrigation parts, so our service department can get the part they need to get your system up and running again.