Choosing an Irrigation Contractor

All irrigation systems are designed differently. Many variables will affect the cost and quality of the system design. Some examples are:

Water pressure and gallons per minute: This will affect the amount of sprinkler heads that will efficiently run at one time.

Separation of lawn and landscaping: Your lawn and landscape have different watering requirements. Separating the two avoids the common problem of overwatering. Each plant, flower and type of grass have different watering needs.

Products: There are many different products on the market today. Oasis Irrigation installs only quality products through the entire system. This includes controller, wire, plumbing, valves, insert fittings, and types of sprinkler heads.

Quality control: Oasis Irrigation prides itself on customer service. The representative who designs and estimates the system for you will also be a part of the installation process. This insures customer satisfaction.

Safety: Irrigation design can effect the safety of your property. For example, shooting water over sidewalks may force neighbors to walk in the street instead of on sidewalks. Sprinkler heads at the wrong depth can cause a tripping hazard, a lawn mower hazard or a snow plow hazard.

Please take a moment to consider these important issues before choosing your irrigation design and installation professional.